Our corporation contributes to the sound development of children or adolescents and the sound physical and mental development of the people through education, sports, etc.

Or, for the purpose of cultivating a rich humanity, and to contribute to that purpose, carry out the business.


Main business contents:
1 Holding dance and other sports classes
2 Popularization and development of traditional performing arts such as Ryukyu drums
3 Theater announcement and actor training
4 Event planning and management
5 Education and store management related to eating and drinking
6 Business incidental to or related to the business listed in each of the preceding items
Results of Activities



Launch of "SAKIGAKE Planning", a general incorporated association



Event in Nago City last year

To solicit donations to NPO Mesh Support

Renamed to "Doshin Yume Matsuri" and started anew.

May [Bangkok]

Japanese dancing dance, co-sponsored by SAKIGAKE project

Charity event

"-Connecting with the spirit of hospitality-SMILE International Cultural Exchange" held

    Business report

October [Gold Coast]

Sakura Gakuen, Tri Care Labrador Aged care Residence Consolation

Appeared in the charity event "Yume Yui 2018"


April [Tokyo] Charity performance Performed with Kanda Myojin performers

June [Bangkok] International Cultural Exchange Charity Project

    Business report

Organized by "Doshin Yume Yui 2019"

Chumchom Patanar Elementary and Junior High School Consolation

Bankao Witaya Secondary School Consolation

June [Tokyo] Co-sponsored by NPO Japan Dance Promotion Association DANPARA

Doshin Yumeyui Triumphal Performance Held in Tokyo

December [Bangkok] As a non-profit business (JET SPEED SCHOOL)

Two-day training event to improve children's athletic ability


January [Bangkok] Opened JET SPEED SCHOOL for the purpose of improving children's athletic ability

January [Bangkok] First international kindergarten business trip guidance started